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Break the Cycle Membership Program

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Reduce regression, relapse, and isolation

while breaking generational cycles.

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 Note: In order to participate in this mentorship, you must have completed 100 days to a Whole You or Break the Cycle.

This program is for individuals wanting a community of like-minded individuals on the journey to shedding and releasing family generational toxic patterns and beliefs. This is for the cycle breaker, game changers, and risk takers willing to risk it all for something better than what your reality is right now. This is not for the lazy, or those that say 'I just want to get by', this is a spiritual journey for those wanting to join God in the marketplace and stay in the marketplace.


*This group is for individuals that have taken 100 Days to A WHOLE YOU,  Break the Cycle, Women Out the Wilderness and Mother May I* 


What's Included in this program:

2 monthly meetings (This is a group coaching session ) 

Worksheet assignments/ HW Reflections 

(1)  45-minute individual check-in session 

Access to WhatsApp group for feedback and support 

Receive updates and insights on Break the Cycle, and the latest terminology

Topics Included 

  • Negative Self-talk 

  • The Family dynamic 

  • Leaving  that Toxic Relationship 

  • Breaking the cycle of familiar 

  • Maintaining  healthy boundaries and effective communication  

  • Conscious parenting/ Conscious re-parenting  

  • Intimate/ platonic relationships and much more

What Clients Say

"I have enjoyed working with Miss Be, initially on 100 Days of a Whole You (2019/2020) and more recently on Breaking the Cycle. Prior to starting Breaking the Cycle sessions, I had an initial sitting with her where I discussed my challenges and she tailor made the package to fit my specific needs. Miss Be is an amazing, phenomenal lady. Week in week out, through our sessions, she was able to stir in me the courage to live out the career I was destined to have. She was able to make me see things from a different perspective.
I'm forever grateful for all the guidance! God bless you."
--Joyce Mumbua
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