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Accountability Coaching

Depending on your needs together we will:

Accountability Coaching will help you learn about yourself and hold you accountable for daily actions and choices. This may sound intimidating but to achieve your goals discipline and responsibility are key. Together, we’ll implement strategies into your daily routine to improve organization and productivity. Using these tools and practices will help you stay aligned, committed, and focused on your short-term intentions which will result in the inevitable success of your long-term goals.

Depending on your individual needs together we will:

  • Participate in a 45 minute weekly Skype/Google Hangout/ Phone calls

  • Identify limiting negative self talk holding you back

  • Help gain clarity around your career goals and adjective

  • Identify thoughts, patterns that are holding you back

  • Identify patterns of generational toxic beliefs holding you back

  • More clarity and direction in your personal and career life.

  • Clear blocks in your mindset and reprogram your thinking for success

  • Set specific, measurable, and realistic goals towards achieving your success

  • Identify and reverse any self-imposed limits holding you back

  • Share proven strategies to improve overall performance and goals

  • Strengthen your focus and discipline muscles.


This package is for business beginners wanting to get the idea out of mind and into action.


Goal: Get clarity on your strategy. What to do and what NOT to do.

Process: 3-hour Zoom call in which we discuss four things:

- Your biggest constraint (where you are and what you have done)

- The best solution (where you are going and how to get there)

- A clear roadmap for the next 100 days (actionable steps)

- The state of your mental health as a business owner


Output: After our call, you will receive a one week follow up call from me. I will send you a

1-pager with recommendations, next steps, suggested articles to read, and 1 relevant introduction to someone within my network that could help you further.

Miss BE Business Clarity Strategy Session

Career Skills

Depending on your individual needs together we will:

  • Participate in a minute biweekly Skype/Phone call

  • Help gain clarity around your career goals and adjective

  • Conduct resume, cover letter audit interview prep and workplace etiquette

  • Individual career coaching tailored to specific job search/career transition/career development goals etc.

  • Creation of job search action plan with up to 45 minutes of phone support

  • Email Coaching Support

  • Salary negotiations feedback

  • Team building and activities strategy sessions if applicable

  • Review leadership style and influence

  • Clearer understanding of who you are, how you can excel and where to call in the right support

  • College access (personal statement, application, FAFSA review etc. if applicable)

  • Provide assignment, homework and real life examples to hold you accountable

Career and Skills Coaching

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