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Core Initiatives


Mental Health & Wellness

Miss.BE Coaching and Consulting focuses on helping millennials and Gen Z reach their desired goals for change, personal development and support their mental health and emotional wellbeing.

Global Affairs

  • A Whole You Conference: Started in 2017, this annual conference aims to educate the community about identifying symptoms and resources and inspire a change in the conversation around getting the support needed. Although the conference was held
    virtually in 2020, attendees tuned in from Kenya and the Netherlands. Most recently, this initiative received a Strong Non-Profit Conference Award.


  • 100 Days to A Whole You: A curriculum designed to increase self-awareness, improve relationship dynamics, improve quality of life and develop effective communication skills.

  • Proactively working to bring jobs and opportunities to high school and college aged students in Ghana.

  • Hosting global training facilitation for businesses and non-profits.

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Juvenile & Social Injustice

We work with public jurisdictions to implement juvenile justice reforms that improve

the well-being of young people in the system. We believe that every young adult should be

safe, loved and treated fairly.

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Bridging Family Gaps
We are strong advocates for the personal and mental development for men, women and families. We work with individuals and families wanting to release generational toxic patterns and beliefs.  

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We believe in supporting entrepreneurs with the tools, resources and network to achieve their personal goal to establish legacy within their families. 

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