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My Background & Journey

I am a life coach, speaker and counselor.  I support women and adolescents to confidently embrace their inner uniqueness and strength; helping them live a positive, purpose driven life.


My background prior to the birth of Miss BE was in social services, vocational counseling, as well as coordination and leadership in non-for- profit and local government settings.  I hold a B.S. in Criminology with a minor in Social work, and a M.A in Counseling. Additionally, I possess qualifications in counseling, mediation, vocational and Leadership and I am also a Certified Life Coach.

I am participating in this work for one simple, overarching reason, I love people. I ardently adore  connecting people to resources that help them live a substantial life. I especially love working with first generation college students and young mothers

My Passion
  • I  love people

  • I  love connecting people to resources that help them live a substantial life

  • First generational college students and young  mothers (providing unlimited  support  for a successful life)


My Purpose Driven Work
  • Life and confidence coaching: I work with women and men who want  to impact the world and make a true difference. men and women who are ready to step out their comfort zones and live out their purpose while, making true and lasting connections that will bring happiness in their life, careers and relationships.

  • Inspiring the next  generation: I co-direct an amazing organization that is dedicated to helping young  girls build their self-awareness so they can be confident, passionate and courageous leaders.

  • Speaking and running workshops: I love getting your audiences engaged and thinking positively for the day, lifting energy, prompting positive conversations and closing events so people leave inspired and thinking positively about themselves. for your events  and organization; Book Miss.BE

  • Growing a movement of positivity and love: Lastly, which is where you have probably found me is creating and growing the: Positivity is a choice movement. This movement is intended to  stop  negativity and promote  love and unity.

Keynotes Addresses Includes
  • Challenging negativity and beating our inner critic

  • Goal setting and value-based decision making: how to achieve the goals you REALLY want

  • Find your passion love your life:

    • Creating space for meaning amongst the madness

  • The Power of Positivity:

    • Power of Words

    • Identity and Leadership

    • Overcoming financial obstacles

I'm Qualified
My Coaching Style

As a life clarity coach I support women (and a few brave men!) to become more confident in their pursuit of a purpose driven life.  I encourage, motivate and hold you accountable as you work to fulfill your life's purpose. I take a no-excuses approach and can be tough when necessary.

People often come to see me because they want more. They are tired of being STUCK. They want  more time for themselves, more self-love, more confidence, more positive relationships, more energy, more direction, more momentum, more links with their passions, more resources or simply a more positive  attitude overall.

In short, they want something different. And that’s exactly what I strive to provide them. Over the years I’ve had the privilege of speaking to many audiences on a range of topics. Some of the core areas I routinely speak on are listed above.

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