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A Whole You Planning

Depending on your needs together we will:

  • Participate in a 45 minute weekly Skype/Google Hangout/ Phone Calls

  • Identify limiting negative self-talk holding you back

  • Identify love language, personality style and leadership style

  • Identify mission / purpose/ non negotiables/ boundaries and set goals on implementation

  • Develop your life cycle plan, set realistic goals to achieve it  

  • Identify and eliminate growth killers in your life

  • Personalized affirmation based on individual needs

  • Clearer understanding of who you are, how you can excel and where to call in the right support

  • Provide you with homework, case scenarios and real-life execution to hold you accountable

Term: 3 Months

This package is for individuals wanting to release family generational toxic patterns and beliefs. This is for the cycle breaker, game changers, and risk takers willing to risk it all for something better than what your reality is right now. This package is not for the lazy, or I just want to get by. This is a spiritual journey for those wanting to join God in the marketplace. 

Term: 4 Months

Break the Cycle: Individual Coaching


Breaking the Cycle is a 4-week online mastermind group coaching that supports both men and women in shifting their generational narratives of dysfunction such as negative self-talk, addictions, negative mindset, trauma, self-sabotaging, poverty, etc. Many of the cycles and patterns in your life have been repeating themselves for generations within your family. Although it did not start with you, they can end with you. Are you willing to be a Cycle Breaker?


Breaking the Cycle is all about releasing, and healing the issues that have prevented you from living the life you think about daily taking ownership and actionable steps to achieving that life.


This group will allow you to assess where you are in all areas of your life, including your relationships, career, self-esteem, and mental wellness.

What you will learn/gain:

  • How to identify a generational cycle

  • How to identify who or what contributes to your cycle

  • What role you play in the cycle

  • Your strength, concerns and blindspots (what has been holding you back from the life you desire)

  • life skills and techniques to break free going after the business, relationships etc.)

  • Plus much more**

  • Participate in a 60 minute weekly skype/google hangout/phone calls

Break the Cycle: Group Coaching


Women Out The Wildnerness


THE woman that is tired of just surviving. ARE YOU READY TO THRIVE?

Uncovering who you are, healing from your pain, reconnecting with your own truth, and learning to fully love and accept yourself is a process that requires patience, support and an unwavering commitment to yourself. If you'll commit to doing the hard work of looking within, not only will your life change, but you will shift. Whether you’re in a toxic relationship right now, or in the process of recovery, it can be incredibly helpful to have a supporting ear to confide in. No decisions need to be made, but being able to talk through your own thoughts can help you get the clarity you need, to make the best decision for you—whatever that may be.


Private 1:1 coaching is a safe, non-judgmental, supportive space for you to share, be heard, and get clear on what's really going on in your relationship & what it is you are actually wanting. From there, you're able to make the right decisions and take the next steps that feel right for you.


One-on-one coaching is best for you if:

You’re feeling vulnerable, lost or nervous.


You’re in a difficult, complicated or private situation that you don’t feel safe sharing in a group situation.


You crave personal, one-on-one support and feedback on what you're going through right now.


In our six weeks together, the foundational work we'll do is healing the relationship you have with yourself. As you do that, every other relationship will fall into place.


You are not alone and you don't have to figure it out on your own.


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