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repentance & wholeness

Repentance and Wholeness

Repentance - 180-degree change of mind, a heart decision to turn from self to trust and follow Jesus. (God, Allah, Yahweh) we were never meant to have it all figured out.

Healing - The process of becoming aware and acknowledging your wounds, making room for change and realigning with your highest self.

Wholeness - The process of application of tools and resources gained during your healing journey. The activation of your highest self. Walking in authority and making room for others to heal and become.

Welcome back,

There is so much misinformation, opinions, theory, fear, conspiracy B.S, stupidity and judgments going on in the atmosphere lately. We are in the middle of a pandemic (COVID 19) or what I like to call, a change of order where we as humans are kept in the dark about what is happening in government. But what we suffer the most about is the darkness. ( my opinion 🤔)

The questions, I have been asking myself lately is in the midst of this, What can I do? What am I really responsible for? Yes, I can give money, Yes, I can pray for people. Yes, I can volunteer my services and those are all great yet, spiritually and emotionally what can I do to be grounded? I can share my grace, my peace, and joy. In the process of doing this and sitting with myself and God, I had to repent of my ways that have limited others from experiencing his goodness through me. This my dear is all we can do, repent, pray and stay in worship for our emotional grounding.

If you are reading this, I welcome you to sit with this and ask yourself, have I really been living in wholeness? Have I really allowed my light to shine? Have I really been a blessing? Do other people get to experience the goodness of God through me? Or have I been in my independent bubble of I can’t, I must, or I won't. Ask your self must it always be about you and your ego? Is there room for others?

My public Repentance

My heavenly Father, as I write this open letter, you and I both know I have battled with the thought of being this open and vulnerable to my readers. Yet, here I am walking in obedience, help me God to always choose my priorities within you. Help me to always remember that this life I live in is not my own and to remain a vessel for the kingdom.

  • God today, I repent of the spirit of independence where I decided to plan my life and have you bless it causing me pain, grief, and anxiety when it doesn’t pan out vs trusting your will for my life.

  • God today, I repent of my will and my ego that seeks to be in control of every situation limiting the freedom of spirit and expression.

  • God today, I repent the spirit of perfectionism and the need to be perfect that limit, my brothers and sisters, in christ to develop intimacy with me

  • God today, I repent of every gift you have given me that I have underutilized with the I can't mindset. I won’t mindset and I must have a mindset.

  • God today, I repent of every time, I held on to other tighter than I held on to you

  • God today, I repent for not making room for family and friends to operate in my life.

  • God today I repent of expecting without asking, expecting without giving, expecting without setting the atmosphere, expecting without communication forgive me.

  • God today, I repent the sins of my youth and the sins of my current conscious or unconsciously. I repent of anything that quenches the spirit that limits me.

  • God today, I repent for playing small, for pretending to not know when I knew, for staying silent knowing my voice was the antidote.

  • God today, I repent the unsaid prayer and actions. I repent of my attitude, mood swings and behaviors that limit your move through me.

  • God today I repent for praying for the community but self-isolating when people reach out.

  • God today, I repent for all my brothers and sisters out there like me wanting to do your will and spread love yet wanting to stay indoors and not associate. May we have grace.

  • God today, I repent of any negative seeds I have sown or any financial investment I have made in an institution that is not in alignment with you.

  • God today, I repent for every tithe not giving out of fear.

  • Got today, I repent for any spirit of lack I have operated in, I repent for any time my actions have made you look like a liar. You are not a man that should lie.

  • God today, I repent the spirit of control, the spirit of pride, the spirit of independence the spirit of ownership, the spirit of stagnation and the spirit of self-isolation. You never called us into independence, you created us to be interdependent.

Father, I repent and ask You into my life and realign me with Your will for my life. The me You intend me to be before the trauma, before the insecurities, before my trust was broken before, I allowed the noise of the world to creep in. God, make me more like You... Amen

You are probably wondering why repentance. Simple. I want nothing blocking me mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually from my blessings! Now more than ever during this time, I am searching my heart, my ways and making room for more. We will come out of this; will you be free or sitting in guilt?

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