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Miss BE Youth Mentorship/Teen Parent

Depending on your needs together we will:

  • Participate in a 30 minute monthly Skype/Google Hangout/Phone Calls

  • Identify limiting negative self talk holding you back

  • Identify love language, personality style and leadership style

  • Identify mission / purpose/ non negotiables/ boundaries and set goals on implementation

  • Develop your life cycle plan, set realistic goals to achieve it  

  • Develop soft skills, communication skills, time management and professional development

  • Employment and Career planning introduction  

  • Monthly book reading and discussion for growth

Term: 3 Months


This package is for individuals wanting to release family generational toxic patterns and beliefs. This is for the cycle breaker, game changers, and risk-takers willing to risk it all for something better than what your reality is right now. This package is not for the lazy, I just want to get by, this is a spiritual journey for those wanting to join God in the marketplace. This is for the Radical enough is enough. How do you know this is for you?


Our Mothers are with us even when we are not aware!


  1. You are always in the middle of an unexplained crisis with self or those you associate with.

  2. Perhaps you are a game-changer and highly successful in the workplace yet you struggle with positive communication and connection with others and your significant other

  3. You feel guilty, empty and at times dread the shame of being exposed

  4. You may struggle with having genuine female connections and friendships

  5. You struggle with trust and fear around being vulnerable

  6. You often feel no one will or can do for you like yourself

  7. You lack or struggle with trust


Again and I can’t stress this enough: dealing with a toxic parent, taking action steps is NOT EASY. But IT MUST BE DONE!


  • For your emotional and physical health.

  • For your happiness and well being.

  • For your relationships with your partner and your children and your life.

  • For your right to live the best possible life you can have, in safety and peace and love.


You are not responsible for your parent’s happiness.

Term: 6 Months

Mother, May I?


Family/Couples Coaching is a positive space where we actively define what your relationship looks like in order to provide love, harmony, intimacy and happiness for both. Together we will establish your “communication style” and develop actionable tools and

strategies to increase alignment in your relationship. As your Coach, my goal is to help you create new patterns that support the relationship you really want. As your coach I will support you and your partner to:

The Benefits of Coaching

Relationship skills will be introduced so you grow and flourish individually and together. My couple’s packages provide for coaching together as well as one on one to support individual efforts to achieve common goals within the relationship. No one exists in this world alone. Be it personal, professional, social or within the family structure, you will be delighted to reap the benefit of coaching in all your relationships.

Family and Couples Coaching


A Whole Us
Breaking the Cycle: Relationship Edition

What will you learn/gain:

  • How to identify a generational cycle

  • How to identify who or what contributes to your cycle

  • What role you play in the cycle  

  • Identify strengths, concerns and blind spots (what has been holding you back from the life you desire)

  • Life skills and  techniques to breaking free and going after the business, relationships etc.

  • Plus much more

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