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A world where everyone has the ability and power to own their happiness and ultimately change their lives for the better. I am here to support, motivate, and hold you accountable as you create the lifestyle you desire. I’m here to build positivity, self-love, self-confidence and appreciation.

Today is the day you can own your happiness and change your life. Today is the day you tap into your natural given abilities and find what works for you. Here are the steps we take along with you to get you to a place of happiness and clarity in life.

Stage 1: BE Positive

  • Identify the negative block that holds you  back

  • Identify your limiting beliefs and start changing your behavior

  • Begin the process of finding out what you really want vs external expectations

  • Cultivate an empowering vision for your future

  • Begin guided visualization to meet your inner purpose

Stage 2: BE Determined

  • Establish foundations of self-care to increase joy, motivation and well-being

  • Speaking up and speaking your mind

Stage 3: BE You

  • Begin living a purpose driven life

  • Lead from heart and tap into a your  talents

The Consultation – It’s Free!

Book your free consultation now and experience for yourself what quality coaching has to offer. It’s your chance to ask questions and find out more about how I work. It is also my chance to learn more about your situation and determine whether or not I am the right coach for you. We will then agree on the dates for your clarity coaching program, during which we will regularly review your progress.

I offer three distinct  personal development coaching packages. In addition to various relationship packages . While I do believe anyone can benefit from all packages, experience has shown me each package does have an ideal client. Review these three brief profiles below to see which one of my packages works best for you.

Ideal Clients

Package 1: BE Positive

  • You hear a quiet but strong voice sometimes questioning yourself on how you’re doing something

  • You feel you’re lacking in happiness, self-value, appreciation or love

  • You feel like you are always busy but not spending your time truly doing what you want and what makes you feel most alive and happy

  • You have lost that self-belief to try what you really want to do

  • You feel you need to shift your focus to rebuild positivity and confidence in other areas of your life

  • You feel like you are always busy putting the needs of others before your own

  • You feel stuck in life regarding what’s next

Package 2: BE Determined

  • You were raised in a toxic home

  • You fear the process of assimilation

  • You want more out of life but parents or loved ones are holding you back

  • You want to change your perspective on life

  • You need to leave the nest

  • You struggle with saying no

  • First generation in your family  

  • There has got be more to life than what I am experiencing around me

  • You lack the self confidence and self esteem  needed to pursue  your  dreams

  • You feel like no one cares

  • You  do not feel supported

Package 3: BE You

  • You don't know how to ask for help

  • You’re sitting on your dreams and visions

  • You have something to say but never speak up

  • You don't know how to put yourself first

  • You feel likes your feelings have never been validated

  • You don't know how to go after what you want

  • You need daily motivation and support  

  • You keep saying this year I will go back to school or this year I will get out of debt and nothing ever happens.

  • You’re stuck at a job you hate or you’re stuck in a relationship you want to get out of

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